The Beauty of Sadness


About tlmntim9

Some people write because they want to, others are payed to. I write...because I have no choice. Tim Wilkinson, COPYRIGHT 1977 - 2014 Tim Wilkinson began writing at an early age. After spending thirty-three years working in the telecommunications industry, writing in between the conflicting commitments of family, work and life in general, he now focuses more time and effort on his most enduring dream. A writer of flash fiction, short story and novella length works, Mr. Wilkinson also regularly dabbles in the art of poetry. His work reflects his love of darkly odd and poignant fiction, and often the abject lack of hope, faith, character and honor, so prevalent in today’s society. His work may be found in many online journals and literary magazines. Tim writings center around all things human, painful and bittersweet such as reconciliation with our pasts, the cultural and personal loss of innocence, men’s deep seated desire for legacy, and the endless search for love, contentment, understanding and absolution that each of us longingly seeks. Recently Published in, “The Path Literary Journal, Static Movement, The Speculative Edge, Ancient Paths, Writers Haven, Fictitious Magazine, The Global Twitter Community Poetry Project, The Garden Gnome, Rain Party and Disaster Society, Barista Books, Vending Machine Press, White Ash Literary Magazine, Woven Tale Press and Thirteen O’clock Press,” he continues to explore his lifelong dream of writing. Author -Tim Wilkinson All rights reserved. This material may not be republished, rebroadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form or manner without the explicit written consent of the author and owner, Tim Wilkinson.This notice supersedes and nullifies any and all second party claims to any rights, of any material, contained within these pages and belonging to the author, Tim Wilkinson. google-site-verification: google64d8d92c30fe43b7.html
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