Tim Wilkinson

Tim Wilkinson began writing at an early age. After spending thirty-three years working in the telecommunications industry, writing in between the conflicting commitments of family, work and life in general, he now focuses more time and effort on his most enduring dream.

A writer of flash fiction, short story and novella length works, Mr. Wilkinson also regularly dabbles in the art of poetry. His work reflects his love of darkly odd and poignant fiction, and often the abject lack of hope, faith, character and honor, so prevalent in today’s society. His work may be found in many online journals and literary magazines.

Tim’s writings center around all things human, painful and bittersweet such as reconciliation with our pasts, the cultural and personal loss of innocence, men’s deep seated desire for legacy, and the endless search for love, contentment, understanding and absolution that each of us longingly seeks.


Recently Published in, “The Path Literary Journal, Static Movement, The Speculative Edge, Ancient PathsWriters HavenFictitious MagazineThe Global Twitter Community Poetry ProjectThe Garden GnomeRain Party and Disaster SocietyBarista BooksVending Machine PressWhite Ash Literary MagazineWoven Tale Press and Thirteen O’clock PressSilver applesDecades Review, and others.” He continues to write and seek new avenues for publication and distribution. As a writer of short stories and poetry, often writing under the pseudonym, “Wayne Wilkes,” His work may be explored on his blogs at,

http://timwilkinson.blogspot.com/ and http://poetryoftimwilkinson.blogspot.com/

Tim is a longtime fan and believer of: love at first sight, ardent romance, passion and soul mates, the benefits of travel, books made of paper, the patience of mountains and the restlessness of the sea, Looney Tunes, the American, British, Canadian, Aussie, Indian and Kiwi soldier, Puppy dog breath and kitten purrs, The Beatles, fairy tale happily ever after’s, chocolate, marriage,  live theater, the premise that rock and roll is not made to be listened to, but felt, the joy of innocence and the sadness of its loss, legacy, and the endless search for love, frosty morns and warm summer rains, the Moonlight sonata, music, beer, coffee and homemade wine, the right to bear arms, freedom of speech and religion, my late Grandfather, daughter, wife, and of course, God and Christ. Not necessarily in that order.


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